What’s next after The MIT Murders?

WIP.  Working hard on my next book in the Dimase Augustin series.  After making his debut as a character in The MIT Murders Dimase and his friend, FBI forensic psychologist Bill Larson, have gone private, forming Augustin & Larson Confidential, LLC.


I view the new book as the next chapter in Dimase’s story rather than a specific sequel to The MIT Murders.  The door is always open for the continuation of the MIT story at a later date.


In his new adventure, Dimase is pulled into a shadow government conspiracy designed to change the balance of the Supreme Court.  The title is The SCOTUS Affair.  The full draft has just been sent off for final editorial review.  The story is full of recognizable and contemporary issues in the country today as we face potentially seismic shifts in cultural values in a highly contentious election year.


My goal is not to take sides, but rather to let the reader bring their own perspective to the story and make their own interpretations.  Woven throughout the political intrigue is a multi-decade love story, with unlikely origins and current implications for the outcome of the plot.


The SCOTUS Affair is not a commentary on what has happened, or what should happen.  It is more a fantasy of what could happen in our current environment of ever-increasing division, coarseness, and the imposition of extreme views from both ends of the spectrum.


I have enjoyed developing Dimase Augustin as a character with a broader platform from which to engage the world as he evolves from being the lead homicide investigator in the Cambridge PD, to a principal in his own firm, employed as a corporate and government contractor.


I’m very excited about this WIP and look forward to sharing it in the months ahead.

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