What Do Readers Want in A Protagonist?

As I contemplate the future of my own fictional characters, I ponder this question. What does the ‘typical’ reader prefer? A well-known protagonist who follows a formulaic pattern toward solving the latest… Read More

What’s next after The MIT Murders?

WIP.  Working hard on my next book in the Dimase Augustin series.  After making his debut as a character in The MIT Murders Dimase and his friend, FBI forensic psychologist Bill Larson,… Read More

Is there more than one way to approach writing a book?

As with many tasks in life, my guess is there is more than one way to approach writing a book.  I’ve now published one, The MIT Murders, and have three others in… Read More

How I stumbled into writing my first book

Well, truth be told, it wasn’t my very first book.  My first book was in middle school.  I had read every Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew at least twice.  I loved the… Read More

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